Franklyn Spence

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Portfolios and Biography

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Biography for Rev. Franklyn M. Spence a.o.c.a

Franklyn is a Canadian Artist and ordained minister who has lived in Switzerland for over 8 years, and most recently moved to Magden in early 2010. He graduated from the most prestigious Canadian art college – Ontario College of art and Design (OCAD) - with a fine arts degree in Sculpture/Installation.

He comes from a long line of artists with many aunts and uncles working in the arts field both professionally or semi-professionally. He can count numerous painters, sculptors, woodworkers and musicians among his relatives.

Franklyn has painted professionally since graduating from OCAD and has demonstrated a broad range of styles – abstract, landscape and, more recently, modern portraits. He has always worked in oil paints preferring their rich colours, easy mixing ability and slower drying time. He has also owned his own woodworking business creating custom furniture and wood sculptures. You can see some of Franklyn’s work in his portfolio and on his website.

Franklyn is also a gifted teacher and he has taught painting, woodworking and sculpture for many years. He worked for two years teaching art full-time to homeless street youth in Toronto (Canada) through a drop-in center. He has also taught students privately in his home studio and at various art and woodworking schools.

Franklyn has exhibited widely with numerous shows in US, England, Switzerland and Canada through galleries, solo exhibitions and group shows. His work is in private collections in Australia, Mexico, North America and Europe. He also accepts commissioned work.

Currently Franklyn is working in two mediums, digital paintings that are sold as prints and in jewelry making using precious metal clay.

Franklyn is married to Amy Brice and they have two wonderful daughters, Claire and Alice.

In his spare time Franklyn enjoys walking his dog, photography and reading. He has also pastored various small churches and spoken as a guest speaker at numerous church conferences. He is passionate about helping people reach their potential in their faith.

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