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Art and Picture Framing
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Fine Silver Jewelry Making Workshops

featuring Metal Clay

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Stay tuned for future classes
One day course where basic jewelry making and metal clay techniques are taught.
We make new projects in each class

Location: Gaispelweg 4, Magden
(near Rheinfelden CH)

Each class is a stand alone class, you do not need any previous experience.

What Is Precious Metal Clay?

Fine silver jewelry making was once the only accessible to silversmiths after years of rigourous study and practice. Now there is a new way of making pure silver jewelry that is easy and beautiful using a new material called precious metal clay.

For those of you who have never tried metal clay you're in for a real treat. This new product is made from finely ground silver dust mixed with a non toxic binder to create a metal "clay". This clay can be shaped, stamped and cut like ceramic clay, but when it's fired, the binder burns away and the silver fuses leaving you a 99.9% pure silver piece of jewelry. Easy to use, incredibly flexible and you can even set stones into it! Also available in copper and bronze.

Check out some students new work - Well Done!
These pieces were created by students with no previous experience! This was their very first class. Note the set gemstones, very nice.

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